Ignes's project:

Forever shawl

Patterns "Cherry Blossom Shawl" by Tomoko Morimoto - 盛本知子
Craft typesTatting (Shuttle)
Project statuscompleted
Start date10 Feb 2015
Finish date19 Apr 2017

Still need a good picture.

The numbers:
Size: 160cm long, 33cm wide
800 days of work, or 2 years, 2 months and 10 days.
Motive A: 210
Motive B: 116
Motive C: 58
Final weight: 137g
This equals: 5.5 balls of Lizbeth 40
Actual use: 6.5 balls
1 ball apparently lost in all the tries and ends and wait, THAT much???

19 Apr 2017 - FINISHED!
Final motif finished, final ends glued. All that's left is to gently wash and block it. And to figure out a next project. :D

22 Feb 2017
Progress again! 6th ball finished. Current totals at 210A, 97B and 44C. Meaning this ball produced 36A, 20B and 6C. Next ball will be the last one! I think...

24 Jun 2016
5th ball finished. Current totals at 174A, 77B and 38C, meaning 34A, 15B and 10C out of this ball. 95 motifs left to make!

14 Mar 2016
4th ball finished. Current totals at 140A, 62B and 28C, so 39A, 14B and 4C with this ball.

19 Oct 2015
3rd ball of thread finished. Turns out I miscounted somewhere earlier, so now all I can say that at this point I've got 101 A, 48 B and 24 C. So a rounded down average of 33A, 16B and 8C per ball, so far.

23 Aug 2015
12 by 7 block of motif A completed! (84) Past 1/3rd! Woo! Slow and steady. Next year around this time it might be done XD

7 Jul 2015
Finished the 2nd ball of thread. Was only good for 52 motifs this time (41A, 7B, 4C). Not sure where all the thread went! I had the thread break a few times but was able to salvage most of the lost thread.

3 Jul 2015
Decided on changing the sizing of the shawl. The pattern calls for a grid of 26x5 motifs A (130 total). For me that results in a width of 25cm, and I'm not really on board with that. So I am going to make it 7 motifs A wide, which will put me at a final width of 35cm.
26 long would put me at 130, 20cm less than what the pattern calls for. Again I think that's slightly too short, especially with the increased width. So, next plan of action, 7x30 grid, comes down to 210xA, 116xB, 58xC, for a total of 384 motifs. So I increased the work by about half a year on this already everlasting project! Also I won't have enough thread for this. I'll have to order more in the near future. Hope Lizbeth is good with keeping its colourways very similar between lots.

Note on motifs B and C
The 2 rings that are on each of the 4 corners of motifs B and C tend to flop around a lot. I decided to solve this by using a tip I saw somewhere on this site, namely to make a join 1ds away from the end/start of these rings. If the joining picot is really small, this isn't noticeable at all, but it will keep the rings lying in the same plane very well.

24 Apr 2015
Finished 1st ball. Was able to make 60 motifs with it (49A, 6B, 5C). Total is 230 so 60 is nice. I have 4 balls, and motif A takes up more thread than B or C.

1-20 Apr 2015
On a bit of an hiatus because of holiday. I keep carrying a wound shuttle around for my daily motif but so far haven't tatted a single stitch. Oh well, there's sunshine and good company to enjoy. :)

20 Mar 2015
I wanted to change things up a bit and make some Motifs B and C instead of the A's I've been doing so far. I've noticed that the diagram for the pattern differs from the pictures of the finished shawl. So now I have to decide which orientation I want the motifs A to be in. Picture? Diagram? Choices choices D: Maybe I should stick to making more motifs A for a while longer...

10 Feb 2015
This will be a huge project for me. I ordered 4 balls of Lizbeth Blue River Glades for this, which should be plenty. However, one ball appears to have a tighter twist to it, making it rather difficult, if not impossible, to close enough rings with it for a full motive. Even with 3 balls I might just have enough but I didn't want to push it that close so I'm a bit bummed out about that. Not the greatest of starts!
Update 3 Mar 15 However! I contacted the store and they were willing to replace the faulty ball and ship it to me for free! They even still had one of the same dye lot! Woohoo :D I tried out this new ball and it is totally OK! Very pleased my fav tatting supplies store has turned out to have good customer support. <3

Called it forever shawl because it'll take me forever to finish. But slow and steady and then, maybe someday!

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