amysperch's project:

Try again, Diane

Patterns "Dianne" by Unknown
Craft typesTatting (Shuttle)
Size? Cotton candle wicking thread. Almost the same size as Finca 12, but with a different twist.
made for the experimentation
Project statuscompleted
Start date19 Nov 2016
Finish date04 Jan 2017

All done, blocked and ready to use!

Almost done, Diane! It's just a bit wavy and will need blocked after the last round, but it has been an easy tat. Thanks to everyone who has shared their wisdom and experience. I have learned quite a lot with this project.

Oh no! A mistake! Do you see it? Is it time for scissors, or just carry on?

Single strand candle wick thread is all cotton and soft to work with, so hopefully it will have body enough to hold the shape of this doily. I like the color, China Rose.
At each ring, I'm posting the shuttle, hoping to avoid the slanty look that seems to affect my tatting, and watching that the chains aren't pushed to tight to the left.
Looking better so far!

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