Wovenflame's project:

Snowflake Georginia

Patterns "Georginia Snowflake - Ĺšniezynka Georginia" by Renata Niemczyk - "Renulek"
Craft typesTatting (Shuttle)
made for Christmas 2017
Project statuscompleted
Start date20 Apr 2017
Finish date13 Jun 2017

NOTE: I believe the chart has been mislabeled. In Round 2 the labeling of Ring "A" and Ring "B" should be reversed, in my opinion.

I'm excited to try this, though thrown rings will be a new hurdle for me.

2017-05--3 : Turns out there was more to learning this one than just thrown rings. I also had to learn folded joins and got lots of practice picking out ds and opening rings.

Well on my way now to making a 7 - 12 of these for Christmas 2017. I've got 4 done and I'm partially through a 5th.

June 2, 2017: I thought I was done, but when I was blocking the snowflakes I found mistakes in two of them. One of them I'll fuss with a bit and call "good enough" for my own Christmas tree, but the other has a significant error. I've decided to remake both and have now got a start on that.

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