Tim's project:

Top Hat

Patterns Adaptation of the following patterns:
"Top Hat" by Amalie Berlin
Craft typesTatting (Shuttle)
SizeLizbeth 604 size 3
made for Top Hat Restaurant
Project statuscompleted
Start date01 May 2017
Finish date16 May 2017

I was taken to the Top Hat Tea Room here in Florence by a co-worker. On the wall was a crocheted doily in a frame. I got to talking with the owner about it and said there was no tatting. She was interested in tatting after we talked about it. I am making this for her tea room. She doesn't know. It will be a surprise.
The pattern for this also has links to some photos that help understand the pattern. In the photos, the outer rings are really pulled out of shape and they suggest making the picots long. I think that would not look as good, so I modified it by adding a ring 2-2-2 between the main rings and broke up the 3-4-3 chain into 2 chains of 3-3. It keeps the count and looks a bit more dense. More importantly, it keeps the rings round. and looks better over all.
This first photo is the completed top of the hat. Now for the sides.
SIdes went pretty easily. I do have to "manhandle" it a bit so it does not have a lot of shape yet. I just have to get the stitches done.
I have the hat on a form I 3D printed for it. I am going to try a couple rounds of chain, like onion ring or roses, to see if it gives me a nice finished edge. It would simulate the finished hem edge. I will use Catherine Wheel joins so it comes out smooth.
Finished it! I think it looks fine. We had talked about using something like stiffy, but these last pictures have no shaping applied at all yet and it seems to hold it's shape pretty well. A little spray starch should be plenty.
Feb 16, 2018. Finally got to deliver the hat. Laurie was just thrilled to get it. She put it on display right away.

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